WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Alan Moe Monsarrat “Perfect Friends”

As a renowned roots reggae musician of over 50 years, Alan Moe Monsarrat (of The Lotions, I-Tex, Mau Mau Chaplains) has finally released his own solo debut album! The 20-track LP, Agriculture, comes off of the Music4Life label and is packed with themes of thankfulness and cognizance for a better world. That said, Moe also recognizes human error in “Perfect Friends” — for nobody’s ‘perfect’!

Moe’s “Perfect Friends” is a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement to his favorable, yet flawed comrades.

The single takes off as a caricature of sorts… a grandiose explanation for the company he keeps. “I aint got no perfect friends,” Moe serenades; these degenerates who “smoke and drink and cuss a lot” is all he’s got. And, he’s absolutely fine with that. Regarding his heavy dub and reggae background, you would be mistaken to assume this single falls entirely within the niche genre. The upbeat tempo is more ska than roots and the single’s horns are derivative of Latin mariachi. Moe even sings with a slight country twang!

All in all, this easygoing single will get you dancing, whether you agree with Moe’s friends or not. “Perfect Friends”, as well as Moe’s Agriculture album, are now available everywhere. For more information, visit the links below.

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