WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Blakkamoore “Tomorrow Belongs To Us”, feat. Alandon

Blakkamoore is back with a powerful lyric video for his “Tomorrow Belongs To Us” single, freshly off his latest Upward Spiral Deluxe Edition album. The song, featuring Alandon, begins with a symphonic register –sweet strings that play to listeners’ sense of safety — before dropping a stern reggae beat, insinuating time for action. “What’s the price of a life?” Blakkamoore asks, posing an honest question on government-funded healthcare for all.

It’s the age-old dichotomy: “You never know joy til you know pain // You never know peace til you know war.”

The elite must face reality in order to spur change, in the ghettos and beyond. With animated graphics to boost Blakkamoore’s words, this world premiere of “Tomorrow Belongs To Us” hits even harder than ever before. Blakkamoore comments on the single, “It all turned out wicked, ethereal and a real important vibe for ‘Upward Spiral’… all the way up!”

Upward Spiral Deluxe Edition is now out on all digital outlets from this multi-talented artist and producer. For more on Blakkamoore, follow the social links below.

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