WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Boostive “Grow Along” Live at the OB Template

Dubby, soulful, psychedelia band Boostive is back in action with a beautiful live video from the OB Template! The accommodating artist cafe in Ocean Beach, California is the perfect backdrop to a video, especially during this quarantine time! Boostive’s vibey new single “Grow Along” is emphasized with commanding horns, reggae beats and soft female vocals contributed by Divina Dub — one of many lead singers for the collective. Lyrics like “there is no such thing as reality” helps listeners escape the restrictions of time and space.

“Grow Along” with Boostive, as we all need a vacation at this point!

Tune into the live video’s world premiere above and make sure to follow Boostive off Stoopid Records via the links below.

Band links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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