WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Buddha Council “Log On The Fire”

Virginia Beach-based reggae-ska band Buddha Council is doubling down on their latest LP release with a skankin’ video for the album’s lead single, “Log On The Fire”. The 10-track sophomore album, True Love, hit digital outlets early April off Roots Musician Records and is already garnering the band critical acclaim for furthering their ‘Future Roots’ sound. Needless to say, Top Shelf Reggae is honored to premiere the world release of Buddha Council’s “Log On The Fire” video!

…the video begins in a classic Pontiac Catalina driven by what appears to be an axe murderer.

With a tongue-in-cheek narrative, the video begins in a classic Pontiac Catalina driven by what appears to be an axe murderer. Rolling to a stop in the middle of a desolate wooded glen, suspense hits a high when the driver slowly drags his finger across the trunk of the car, illuminating for all that something’s, someone’s, inside. Well, it’s the entire band… who hop out with a cheesy smile to start playing some dub. The lumberjack lunatic demands the band to carry their instruments from the city to the beach to the woods to continue playing, and all band members acquiesce accordingly. Who is this puppet master and why does he call all the shots? Between the upbeat ska reggae beat, the abundance of plaid, the embedded band personality and the playful storyline, this video is entertaining from start to finish. And, those outfits are on point! Like all triumphant tales of good over evil, the video concludes with the band members stuffing their ex-keeper in the same trunk they used to inhabit, saying “we don’t work for you no more”. Sorry, buddy, enslavement isn’t cool, but you did have on some sweet suspenders though. For more information about Buddha Council, visit

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