WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Future Greg “This Love”

Another hit off the latest African Trod Riddim compilation from Rebel Sound Records, Jamaican artist on the rise Future Greg expresses romantic sentiments in this world video premiere of “This Love”. A mellow bongo beat keeps the rhythm as Future Greg expels “I need your love and I need it so much” to a beautiful woman, as they explore the world together in the new video by Small Axe Entertainment’s Cally B.

Future Greg’s heart knows no bounds…

All love is personal, and the video captures this essence by looking like it’s shot through a home video recorder; this is what Future Greg is capturing in his mind as he grows in love and life. From the countryside to the beach, Future Greg’s heart knows no bounds and he clearly values relationships as one of the most highs. But, this isn’t an ordinary love… Future Greg praises the woman of his dreams. You “turn darkness into light,” Future Greg chants, “you are one of a kind.” In this world of corruption and confusion, it’s essential to find someone to calm your spirit and complete your soul.

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