WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Gonzo x Inna Vision “Show You Love”

Everyone loves a good team-up album. The soulful sounds of Tribal Seed’s Gonzo and the reggae-rap flows of Inna Vision have recently joined forces to create a collab album exceeding everyone’s expectations entitled Curricular Style. The new album, available everywhere off Roots Musician Records, features the two going head-to-head in love songs, call to actions songs and even cover songs! Focusing on the former, Gonzo and Inna Vision premiere their latest video for “Show You Love” here on Top Shelf Reggae!

“Show You Love” is uplifting, enticing and heartfelt all at the same time.

The video parallels a child drawing in a coloring book to scribbles on the screen – an easy allusion that a child may be the song’s subject. “I’m fiending to show you love,” chants Gonzo and, having a child of his own at home, this track could be about returning to loved ones after an extensive tour on the road. However, the video’s sequence contains a snapshot of many relationships: new, old, married with kids, young love at the beach. Perhaps this song is solely about how a man feels when enamored and ready to prove it. Inna Vision comes in on the bridge, emphasizing how his heart swells as much as Gonzo’s. Between the two, this duo drives an easy bargain when it comes to conviction! Directed and edited by Brill Adium and his Imagine Whatever Whenever team, the video for “Show You Love” is uplifting, enticing and heartfelt all at the same time.

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