WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Harsh Armadillo “Animal”

New England’s funky, hip hop conglomerate Harsh Armadillo goes primal in “Animal” off their latest, self-released BITE LP. A jazzy, downtempo track about certain passions known to overwhelm the senses after sundown, “Animal” is quintessential of the band’s kinky groove, brought to you visually by Xander Hayes of XZH Visuals in this Top Shelf Reggae world video premiere. Harsh Armadillo sets the mood in a recording booth, with smooth saxophone, a deep bass and impromptu keys. Let’s enjoy the evening “under the moonlight”, croons bassist Thomas Forbes, “a new time to find what we have.” Lead singer Andrea Belaidi remains dormant until the chorus, talking “tangled limbs” and “feel me forever” mentality when she does enter the track. Sounds like it’s shaping up to be one hot night…

“Animal” is quintessential of the band’s kinky groove…

The second verse is taken up a notch by Forbes, who’s vocals are delivered in a spoken word, almost rapped style. I “feel freedom with the touch of your fingertips,” Forbes states; we are “electrically aware,” sings Belaidi. This back and forth banter signifies the dual energy that comes into any mating poker game: I go, you go, I raise the stakes, you match or you can fold. The bridge’s instrumental crescendo, complete with Belaidi wailing in an extremely Pink Floyd-esque manner, insinuates that animal instincts have finally taken over. It’s go time. The tempo takes a breather at the outro, coming back to an even slower pace than before – the deed is done. “Animal” serves as a beautiful musical rendition of two strangers getting better acquainted, two civilized adults getting back to basics. We’re all animals, after all.

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