WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Inna Vision “Back Trax”

Everyone’s favorite reggae-rap artist, Inna Vision, returns with a world premiere for “Back Trax” off his latest Link Up album. The LP, off Roots Musician Records, hit the charts back in June of 2018 and features instant hits like “O.G. IV”, “Real Type Of Cop” and (naturally) the title track “Link Up”. After several videos and tours, the hard-working Hawaiian reggae-rapper teamed up with Gonzo (of Tribal Seeds) to execute a mind-blowing compilation album entitled Curricular Style before the year was done. Now, at the fledgling stages of 2019, Inna Vision continues to pound the presses with his tenacious attitude towards music with a video for “Back Trax”.

Inna Vision continues to pound the presses with his tenacious attitude…

The music video, directed and produced by Noah Clemens, boasts Inna Vision’s work ethic from the start by highlighting his life in the studio back home. From there, Inna Vision hits the streets: giving props to the homies and knuckles to new fathers in his crew. Everybody is family and Inna Vision is crewed up “from The Bronx to Miami”. Although the track has a hard tone to it, Inna Vision juxtaposes it with a mindful mentality: work hard, whether that means “writin’ notes on the tour bus” and long nights at work, to render yourself the best life. Cutting between images of home hangouts and live performances, the video continues in a ‘day in the life’ manner, showcasing what Inna Vision is all about. Video elements such as glitches and overexposure add to the underlying message that the road to success isn’t always easy.

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