WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Inna Vision “Survivor”

Hawaiian rap-meets-reggae artist Inna Vision is hyping up his latest single “Survivor” off his Best Yet: Celebrating A Decade Of Vision album with a raw video showcasing a day in the life. The track off Roots Musician Records features a soulfully smooth saxophone throughout, jazzy keys across the bridge, a wailing guitar outro and lyrics that get the listener hooked from start to finish. Inna Vision is a hustler and he isn’t shy to say it. “Survivor” illuminates Inna Vision’s undying drive to create music, stating he’s “making money moves” albeit not doing it for the money. “I pray before I sleep at night // How to keep the dream alive,” chants IV. If his self-motivation ever falters: “Jah Jah get me by” and there’s always getting by with a little help from your friends.

Inna Vision isn’t afraid to do it all and more, surviving in life as much as the music industry.

Speaking of friends, Inna Vision gets crewed up in the video for “Survivor” filmed in various locations around New York City by Raised Fist Propaganda founder Jeff Pilskin. Bouncing from one spot to the next, the video shines a light on how the struggle is real… yet, also a glorious journey. Of course, there will be setbacks. Good thing your friends have your back when times are tough. Sure, college courses might not fit perfectly into an aspiring musician’s repertoire, yet Inna Vision stands rapping in front of a community college building, bookbag poised on shoulders. Inna Vision isn’t afraid to do it all and more, surviving in life as much as the music industry. A dog eat dog world only renders inspired art.

Please enjoy the world video premiere of “Survivor” only on our site and for more information on Inna Vision, please visit the links below.

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