WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Inna Vision “The Dollar”

Island reggae rapper Inna Vision is back at it again, with his unending hustler mentality embedded throughout his new video for “The Dollar” off his latest Link Up album. IV is no stranger to the game, the desperation one faces when trying to make ends meet. “The Dollar” lists all the ways to make one, whether that be legitimate or otherwise. In this world video premiere, the hustle is brought to life visually as the video’s protagonist engages in everything from petty theft to drug slinging to assault robbery. “When you comin’ up from da hood”, you can make money off tourists if they get “in your taxi” or if they need to “buy weed” — ain’t no rest for the wicked! Presented with opportunity, those in need will find a way to exploit the system for their own self-benefit (and survival).

IV is no stranger to the game, the desperation one faces when trying to make ends meet.

“The Dollar” has a deep dubby essence, emphasized by the reverberating beat and bass, which makes the chorus land at the pit of your stomach — “All I wanna do is eat today!!” Exclaims Inna Vision. You can’t mess with that logic. In that sense, Inna Vision brings up social issues that we as a nation must face on a larger scale. Poverty isn’t just for third world countries; it’s in our own backyards, our alleyways. We are all human, yet animal all the same. Cage us, take away our basic liberties and we will run wild at you the first chance we get. It’s a dog eat dog world… but, there’s hope if we start working together. The fate of this fine nation may just depend on it.

For more information on Inna Vision, visit the links below and don’t forget to tune into the world video premiere of “The Dollar” above!

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