WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Junior X “Middle Passage”

Junior X, born Richard White in the Winward Road area of Rockfort, JA, has always been subjected to the hate crimes against his people. Transplanted centuries ago to the Caribbean, Rastafarian reggae artist Junior X isn’t willing to let these the travesties Africans suffered due to slavery slide. Lest we forget, the pain of slavery never subsides. This is the subject matter of Junior X’s “Middle Passage”, brought to life by emotionally-charged imagery in this world video premiere.

Reparations can never repay the damage.

Produced by Cally B of Small Axe Entertainment and directed by APS Columbian Films, the video opens to a news installment by ZTE TV reporter Jamie Ann Morgan, asking Junior X in a sit-down interview his stance on slavery. Launching into the actual track thereafter, Junior X literally points the finger at the ancestors of such crimes against humanity, stating “you did it… you did it to us”. Cutting back and forth between Junior X walking an African landscape to black-and-white shots of Africans working what seems to be a slave field, the video forces viewers to witness what it feels like to be of African descent in this day and age, looking back on how their unfortunate ancestry. “They took us from Africa,” chants Junior X, “they took us for granted.” Even now, after all the past slave owners have met their fate dead in the ground, the effects of slavery have trickled down through the generations in the form of racism. Reparations can never repay the damage.

With accusatory lyrics paired to traditional African rhythms, Junior X fights for equality and justice with “Middle Passage”. Perhaps the future can be brighter if we shine the light on the realities of slavery versus keeping the next generation in the dark. “Middle Passage” is available for purchase or streaming on all digital outlets and is featured on the recent African Trod Riddims album off Rebel Sound Records.

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