WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Kalalea “Life As We Know It”

Hawaiian artist on the rise, Kalalea, is bringing truth to the masses in this Top Shelf Reggae world video premiere for “Life As We Know It”, a track out off Roots Musician Records featuring William Ka’uhane & Messenjah Selah. Born in Honolulu and raised in Kaua’i, Kalalea has literally lived a lush life and shows off his hometown scenery quite a bit in the video, from boats to beaches to bonfires. The island life may be a heavenly one, but no life is perfect. Kalalea has worked hard to get to where he is today, learning ukulele by the age of five and guitar before high school, not to mention a myriad of other instruments he’s picked up along the way! At the ripe age of 22, Kalalea is now shipping his melodies and messages off the islands to the world at large.

Kalalea’s unique reggae style (and impressive vocal range!!) truly shines throughout the single.

And, the message for “Life As We Know It” isn’t cryptic. “Control your mind, control your life,” Kalalea croons, for right here, right now is all we have. Don’t get caught up in fear and doubt; “be who you are” and own it. This inspirational, life-affirming track is not only brought to life by gorgeous Hawaiian landscapes, but Kalalea’s lyrics is further paired to reinforcing symbolism throughout the video – such as flags, fire and fighting. That’s right, fighting is actually portrayed as a positive outlet for inner turmoil, with clips of Kalalea training at his gym spliced in between serene settings. Sometimes, aggression gets the best of you and you’re forced to clap back. Fight or flight? Nah, always fight for what you believe in. Kalalea places several brands throughout his video too, as a conspicuous shoutout to local brands. Got to show love for the homies!

One thing is for sure: even if you aren’t living the island life, everyone can find peace of mind through meditation and recreation. Find time for yourself in this crazy world and don’t forget to love one another as you do. With the track’s synthy keys, a steady rhythm guitar, a downtempo reggae beat and a hip hop breakdown in the second verse, Kalalea’s unique reggae style (and impressive vocal range!!) truly shines throughout the single.

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