WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Kalalea “Universal Language” ft. Tubby Love

Hawaiian artist on the rise, Kalalea, teams up with Tubby Love in his latest single “Universal Language”, recently available via Roots Musician Records. The track, mixed and mastered by roots reggae visionary E.N Young, features Kalalea preaching peace, love and unity in spite of social structures in the way – like media scares and corrupt peace officers. “We can live in harmony” if we stay true to ourselves and our ingrained values. From the time we can walk and talk, we make moral choices; we were born carte blanche. Where along the way did our sense of values get so skewed? Kalalea adds imagery to ideals in the world video premiere of “Universal Language”, juxtaposing shots of wide-eyed children with racing cop cars, implying that our childhood innocence has long since left the building. What’s more, Kalalea and Tubby Love dance on the docks of a beautiful island break, instruments in hand and declaring vibes heal all.

“Reggae is bigger than music” and Kalalea shows us the entire world to prove it.

“Reggae is bigger than music” and Kalalea shows us the entire world to prove it. From islands to India and back, we can live a simpler life away from the static we’ve grown accustomed to. News sources feed citizens fear on the daily, prompting Kalalea to ask, “Why trust the media when all they promote is excuses?” We can unite on a global level if we recognize how programmed we’ve become and shed a light on humanitarianism as we do it. With text overlays during the video chorus, Kalalea and Tubby Love truly get their message of harmony across for the masses.

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