WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Pacific Grown “Start From Scratch”

Hailing out of Salinas in southern California, Pacific Grown is back at it again with their latest Start From Scratch EP off Roots Musician Records. The album, now available on all major digital outlets, has many a pleasurable party anthem on it – one of which being the title track! Top Shelf Reggae is pleased to premiere the video for “Start From Scratch” featuring DJ Cwitch, a banging backyard boogie and the band members setting the soundtrack to it all on an awesome summer night.

Pacific Grown’s new release is the perfect addition to any hot summer night.

Pacific Grown has always been known to do their own thing and “Start From Scratch” maintains that same caliber of originality. You “gotta let me go” to have “ideas of our own”, pleads lead singer Josh Dominguez, for we’re ready to “hit the ground running” even if we have to continually “start from scratch”. Hopefully, this mentality is more of a metaphorical one versus a literal, since the band doesn’t seem to be too far from the finish line of success. In the video by Stacking Memories, it’s further clear that Pacific Grown puts their money where their mouth is, for instead of filling their days chasing “the fame and the fortune”, the band is overly content playing in a backyard to friends and family, remaining 100% true to their sound and style. It’s important to stay true to your roots and Pacific Grown will always have CA to call home, no matter how many twists, bumps and potholes the proverbial road to stardom may bring. At least there’s art. At least there’s freedom. At least there’s music and dancing and love. With smooth, island-style guitar solos and a saxophone to boot, the song allows party attendees to dance the night away in the video, especially when DJ Cwitch scratches up the bridge. What’s a house party without a DJ?! With a reggae rock meets hip hop vibe, Pacific Grown’s new release is the perfect addition to any hot summer night.

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