WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Starcoast “Scroll”

After a year inside and 17 months isolated from others, another pandemic has risen… and this one could arguably be the most life-consuming and contagious of them all. We are, as a nation, now hooked on our phones. The endless feeds, the mindless scrolling, the limitless screen time have us at a national standstill, especially now that the world has finally opened again! Have we even noticed? Virginia Beach psych rockers Starcoast are here to tell you to “step outside” (we finally can!!) and live life (not compared to others on your social media, but to your own standards). Read that again.

It’s time to stop the “Scroll” and be in the now.

Premiering today only on Top Shelf Music is Starcoast’s “Scroll” official music video! Filmed entirely on portrait mode, like you would on a social media story, “Scroll” starts with the members picking a black-and-white filter for themselves before launching into action. It’s fitting, considering real life is where the color is. A pixel square hangs haphazardly over each band member’s head, blocking their full identity and standing as a metaphor for how we can lose ourselves in the pursuit of trying to compare to others. And, that metaphor becomes blatant as lead singer Tom Hunter leans outside his pixel square to stare directly into the camera and declare social media an entity “to get attention in a way that’s not healthy or sustainable”. He does so again to comment on social media causing anxiety to reach goals and status “unattainable”. So true… yet, how do we break the pattern? Starcoast says the answer is simple: put the phone down, “step outside your world” and live life to the fullest like it was meant to before the rise of social technology. It’s time to stop the “scroll”, people!

“Scroll” will be available for viewing and streaming tomorrow on the band’s pages, also marking the start of Starcoast’s West Coast Tour! First stop is The Dive in Las Vegas on July 12th before heading on out to California and the Pacific Northwest for the rest. To get tickets for a show near you or for more information on Starcoast, visit the links below.

Starcoast Links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Video by Showfolk: Facebook | Instagram

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