WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Sun-Dried Vibes “I & I” lyric video

Southeast reggae rockers Sun-Dried Vibes (SDV) are proud to debut their artsy lyric video for “I & I” off their latest Stay Hopeful LP here on Top Shelf Reggae! The album, out earlier this year via Space Duck Records and debuting at #3 on the Billboard Reggae chart, exemplifies the band’s persistent effort to grow evermore consciously in their lyrics and sound. And, what a deep bassy sound “I & I” has to offer! With laidback chords entering into the track and commanding horns, SDV says we lead this generation and must “stand together” for the next. You never know who’s watching, thus we unify as prime examples for the leaders of tomorrrow – our children. “We’ve got to be an example for the youth,” lead singer Zach Fowler chants, it’s “I” with the vision and “you with the sight”.

… SDV says we lead this generation and must “stand together” for the next.

The lyric video for “I & I” is an amalgamation of shapes, smoke and sound to iterate Sun-Dried Vibes urgent call to action. Between revolving text, the video is psychedelia meets Space Invaders meets screen saver mode… pretty heady stuff. With an extended guitar solo over the bridge, SDV creates the perfect vibe to align your morals and meditate to.

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