311, Iration & Iya Terra leave Missouri fans begging for more

While the air molecules occupying the evening sky over Maryland Heights, MO dispersed aside the shorter wavelengths of light, giving way to the ambers, and the honeys, the marigolds, and the crimsons, a truly epic night of reggae music was shared among brothers and sisters of every race and religion. Bringing everyone together for the night on September 15th was the legendary alt rock fusion icons, 311, cruising along on the Live From The Ride Tour 2021, with reggae genre staples Iration, as well as the show-stopping five-piece, Iya Terra. With all bands having clearly found their stride, being more than a month into the tour, this show was everything the fans asked for and more.

With a lineup like this one, how could anyone leave disappointed?

Opening the evening was a band that caught all the respect and credit from me. A group of guys that have produced songs that speak to me, as well as countless others… songs that open up a fresh and conscious way of thinking that captures your soul, working its way deep through to your mental considerations and invites only good vibes and loving thoughts to occupy that space. A band that truly has found a way to reach higher ground, Iya Terra.

Taking full advantage of the time they had, while also promoting their newest album that — believe me when I tell you — is a true no-skip album, these boys ran a clinic on why you should always get to shows early to see the openers. Iya Terra has crafted a stage presence that invokes pure joy in the audience. Nate Feinstein and his smile are absolutely infectious, topped off by his masterful guitar skills. You can tell by his cadence and the movements of the other band members onstage that this team of brothers truly enjoys doing what they do.

Grooving their way out next were veterans of the genre, music creators from the 808 who know a thing or two about getting an audience to move. Iration kept the night going the only way they know how: heavy bass lines, led by Adam Taylor, which sung in pure harmony with perfect guitar playing from both lead guitarist Micah Brown and frontman Micah Pueschel… either Micah, doesn’t matter — they’re both kickass! The set was guided by none other than a masterfully put-together setlist of classics that were written a decade ago, songs that highlighted each individual musician’s talents, as well as newly created singles that have what it takes to be added to the list of all-time great Iration tracks.

Capping off the night was a group that I have been aware of, and have listened to, for essentially my entire life. Songs like “Amber”, “Love Song”, “Come Original”, “Guns (are for pussies)”, “Beautiful Disaster” and “All Mixed Up” were all a part of a remarkably important chapter in my childhood and, exceedingly so, influenced my lifestyle. Who knows how many different garage bands 311 influenced into existence! I know one of those bands is currently opening for them on this very tour. These icons have been rocking stages for more than 30 years and the precision shows. These guys are OG’s and they know it.

311 has a way about them when they are in front of a crowd — they own it. It forms to them and the band and audience become one, if only for an hour or so. The world melts away and the only thing that matters is the vibrations through the air coming out of the line array — hanging on stage left and stage right — and the vibrations of energy coming out of everyone in the audience around you. Music brings the world together, one eardrum at a time. Be sure to catch 311, Iration and Iya Terra on tour now in a city near you! And, don’t forget to check out Iya Terra’s newest album, Ease & Grace, available everywhere.

Photography by Thomas Semonco

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