A brilliant night with The Lumineers in Sacramento

It was a magical time, all because of Denver’s amazing band, The Lumineers! Part of their Brightside Tour, The Lumineers stopped by the Golden 1 Center on Tuesday night in Sacramento. Their 26-song setlist was impressive and fun to be apart of. The fans were lined up, anxiously waiting to get in and witness an amazing show. There were lines for all the merchandise and concessions… everyone was ready to party with The Lumineers.

The stage setup was creative, with an “O” shape that abled the band members to be anywhere. 

There was also a giant round screen above the back of the stage and a crystal ball above the front of the stage. The round screen looked like the sun with spikes around it. Everything was beautiful and magnificent. The band includes Wesley Schultz, Jeremiah Fraites, Laurén Jacobson, Brandon Miller, Stelth Ulvang and Byron Issacs. It was amazing to see everyone play different instruments including the violin, drums, guitar and piano. 

The Lumineers started off with the song “Brightside”, which is also the name of their latest album. The fans then went nuts and sang all the words to the next two songs, “Cleopatra” and “Ho Hey”.
With every song, the lights and colors changed onstage; it looked like a broadway show, where the stage and lights change between sets. Lead singer Wesley Schultz gave a shoutout to Sacramento and expressed gratitude, mentioning how the band played at Sac’s legendary small music venue Harlows before — the fans went nuts yet again. Playing in small venues to huge arenas is an amazing accomplishment and Schultz thanked the fans for that. Back in 2012, when they released their first album, they never thought they would be playing in an arena. After Schultz said this, the fans roared and cheered. 

Throughout the show, The Lumineers played other hits, including “Flowers in Your Hair”, Charlie Boy” and “Ophelia”. The fans knew them all by heart; it was fun to see everyone smiling and having a great time. Towards the end of “Sleep on the Floor”, Schultz laid down on the front of the stage and continued to sing. There were a few times throughout the show when the disco ball came down and and the lights hit it, lighting up the arena and stage with brilliant colors. Each song had a different vibe and tone with the colors. It was an amazing visual to watch. Before playing their hit “Where We Are”, Schultz talked about the meaning of the song. He and his girlfriend at the time (now his wife) were on a road trip in Arizona when they got into bad car accident, rolling their car. When the incident happened, they were in shock, traumatized… trying to survive. They didn’t know where they were, but it will be alright, said Schultz. Hence the title of “Where We Are”.

During “Big Parade”, thousands of confetti burst out from the stage onto the crowd. They were blue and pink — a perfect blend with the other colors and lights. The funny thing is that they still had seven more songs to play! It felt like the ending, but it wasn’t. The closing song was, of course, fan-favorite “Stubborn Love”.

Photography by Arik Ruiz

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