Kane Brown brings famous friends to California Mid-State Fair

What a night celebrating a sold-out show with country superstar Kane Brown at Paso Robles annual California Mid-State Fair! When all the lights dimmed, everyone went crazy as Brown began the intro to his set. As he walked on the stage, flames and smoke erupted, making the crowd go even crazier. Kane Brown played some new and old hits, such as “Famous Friends”, “Good As You”, “Heaven” and many more.

As Kane Brown performed “Famous Friends”, out walked movie star Taylor Lautner.

The song originally featured country legend Chris Young, which, in bringing out Lautner, was a total curve ball! We all expected it would be Young, if anyone! When Lautner came onstage, he started doing backflips and shooting shirts out to the crowd from Kane’s shirt cannon — all of which was definitely a pleasant surprise. This was my first time shooting at my local fair and to have my first show there be Kane Brown, it’s a show I’ll never forget. Make sure you catch Kane Brown as he tours to a city near you!

Photography by Gunnar Velten

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