A Day To Remember & Asking Alexandria ignite Hollywood

A Day To Remember brought the Re-Entry Tour to the legendary Hollywood Palladium in October, along with longtime tour pals Asking Alexandria. These two have been top favorites in the post hardcore era of the twenty-teens, and the turnout of the crowd spoke highly of how they still appeal to rock lovers everywhere today. The Palladium quickly packed as the doors opened and eager attendees sang along together to classic alternative staples of the generation: “Mr. Brightside”, “What’s My Age Again?”… you know the ones.

When Asking Alexandria took the stage, the sing-along only intensified.

Starting off with their newest hit “Alone Again”, you’d never know that this single was barely two months old. As each instrument entered the song, the band members graced the stage for an audience greeting. When Danny Worsnop’s opening line came, the audience chimed in right on cue. A thick mist of fog rolled over the stage while the band performed each insanely mind-bending guitar solo like they were taking a stroll. Through thick fog and insane lights, AA played a vast arrangement of hits from their most recent albums, reflecting their new refined sound with Worsnop as their singer. The audience did not disappoint with their response and kept the room loud through all of the hits played, like “When the Lights Come On” and “Alone in a Room” (off their 2017 album named after the latter single) and ending with my personal favorite, “The Violence” off their 2020 album Like A House On Fire

The wait for A Day To Remember to take the stage was tensely felt throughout the venue as the minutes neared their set time. The crowd became restless and the good old classics just weeeren’t cutting it anymore. Soon, a brick wall mimicking ADTR’s newest album art lit up and the crowd went absolutely insane. One by one, each member entered through the lights and the band launched straight into “Degenerates”.  Although a newer single off their 2021 album, the crowd chimed in without skipping a beat. Crowd-surfers were already pouring over the barricade within the first five minutes of the set and you could tell Jeremy McKinnon loved every second of it. Early on, during their song “Mindreader”, Jeremy called for somebody to actually surf standing on a person in the crowd (after many careful warnings that, hey, that’s dangerous) but continued anyway. Two successful attempts were seen and it was incredible — no injuries and all (score!).

The band did not disappoint with their stage performance, theatrics and bonuses that longtime ADTR fans have come to know and love.

There were TONS of pyro (those cool jets of fog in front), toilet paper being distributed to throw around the pit, confetti and streamers, and finally giant beach balls to bounce around on top the crowd with the many surfers. When playing their smash hit “All Signs Point to Ft. Lauderdale”, the crowd officially ascended and became a unit, full of true mosh pits and some of the biggest ADTR fans the country has seen. The band truly gave a diverse realm of songs from their entire career: obvious hits “I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made of?” and “All I Want”, but also some deep cuts like “Everything We Need” off their newest album. The guys epic finale to the evening began with an emotional sing-along of the biggest hit “If It Means A lot To You”,  a heavy call back to a 2013 album for the old-time fans “Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail” and, finally, what the audience really wanted was the total release in “The Downfall Of Us All”. ADTR gave us an evening of heavy rock, with PBR in the air and floor, and the best moshes this side of the pandemic has seen. Honestly, this is what one expects at one of their shows, but to experience it again is always unreal. Don’t miss out on an incredible evening with ADTR as they soar through Europe early next year, with heavy hitters Bring Me The Horizon! You WON’T want to miss it!

Photography by Franny Kovacs

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