A Day To Remember plays downtown San Diego

A Day To Remember brought an incredible show with a stacked lineup during their Just Some More Shows Tour stop at Gallagher Square in Petco Park in San Diego, California. The band has been going across the US headlining festivals and arenas, but San Diego was lucky to have The Used, Movements and Magnolia Park to get the night started off.

At the outdoor side stage to Petco Park, buildings surround the venue in the heart of downtown.

Watching the show in the middle of all the skyscrapers was such a unique and cool experience! I even noticed some lucky residents coming out from the buildings at points to enjoy the incredible show from their homes.

Starting the night off was up-and-coming band Magnolia Park, who stole the crowd’s hearts from the second they took the stage. Frontman Joshua Roberts led the five-piece group perfectly, while really engaging the crowd and making the large space between the stage and the audience nonexistent. When the guys slayed a cover of Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar We’re Going Down”, the entire venue was officially sold on Magnolia Park and brought back to the year 2006.

Next, Movements took the stage, just as the sun was setting over San Diego. The post-hardcore band received the excited crowd with grace and gave them even more reason to move, with pits opening up throughout the full crowd. After a full variety of songs played from their 2017 Feel Something and their 2020 album No Good Left to Give, the band played their newest single (released in August) “Cherry Thrill”, before ending with their staple track “Daylily”, which was felt and heard through all of downtown San Diego, no doubt. When The Used’s Bert McCracken took the stage at Gallagher Square, the audience went absolutely nuts.

The guys got right down to business, as they burst into their hit song “A Box Full Of Sharp Objects”.

The crowd took their places immediately as the music began: pits opened up, fans surfed the crowd and a beautiful chaos ensued. The Used has released so much insane music over the years since their debut cult classic self-titled album in 2002, but the guys have an excellent curated playlist of all their incredible hits throughout the last 20 years, all crammed into one setlist. Highlights of the night included “Taste of Ink”, “I Caught Fire” and “Handsome Awkward”. Even after the insane set delivered by The Used, (Bert concluded his finale with a stage dive into the crowd, who caught him perfectly), we were ready for one more set.

Finally, the night’s headliner was set to take the stage.

A large curtain displaying A Day To Remember’s logo was lowered, as the final set change occurred and then dropped in time as the band kicked off with their smash hit, “Downfall of Us All”. This is another band that has a long discography going back a few decades, but seemed to have mastered their setlist with all of the classic TP throwing, beach ball boppin’, ADTR flare we love so much. Over the span of their 20 songs, the guys tore into their classics like “Right Back At It Again”, “2nd Sucks” and “I’m Made of Wax, Larry What Are You Made Of” and newer hits, like “Bad Friend” and “Miracle”. The band will be continuing their tour through the USA on their newly announced Reassembled Acoustic Theater Tour. You do NOT want to miss these guys!

Photography by Franny Kovacs

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