Steve Lacy sells out the Baltimore Soundstage

Steve Lacy’s Give You The World Tour is a SOLD OUT TOUR — let’s start there. With the highly anticipated album Gemini Rights released back on July 15th, Steve Lacy landed his first #1 spot on the Billboard Top 100. Shaking the Internet with his song “Bad Habit”, the singer-songwriter-producer showed off his limitless vocal talent and melodic guitar infinity. With the newfound fame, Steve Lacy — a Compton, California native who has been pushing his way through the music industry — announced this tour on August 2nd and it instantly sold out.

One of the first stops was the city we all love for their crab cakes — Baltimore, MD. Steve performed there on October 13th, 2022 at the Baltimore Soundstage. With the thirsty concert-goers ready to get inside, attendees were lined up and wrapped around the corner from the venue’s doors by 4pm, when doors didn’t even open up until 7pm.

I had the pleasure of capturing Steve Lacy and Foushee’s captivating performance.

Fousheé, a New Jersey native, entered the stage with such INTENSE energy that there was no way you would not know her name by the end of the show. The rockstar-infused R&B singer definitely set the tone for the remaining show. 

As the crowd patiently waited, the lights dimmed and attendees were swayed by the opening track “Static”, which led to an immense sing-along from the packed-out venue. The venue was so packed that the audience bled into the media area. Steve Lacy welcomed the crowd and went on to perform another hit named “Buttons” — a silky sonic fusion of soulful beats, guitar strings and vocals that illuminates any and everyone’s eardrums. Playing the majority of the tracks from Gemini Rights, Steve also highlighted some recognizable singles from Apollo XXI. Steve pointed out that even though the naysayers insist that all he has are TikTok fans, this tour proved them wrong. Needless to say, Baltimore showed genuine love, screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs, word-for-word the entire show while Steve serenaded them. The very gifted and talented Steve Lacy has been nothing less than great on his tour; I know the world cannot wait to see him shine even brighter!

Photography by Anthony McCray

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