Bad Religion packs punk rockers inside Majestic Ventura Theater

What a night celebrating a sold-out show with Slaughterhouse and punk rock legends Bad Religion at the Majestic Ventura Theater! One of my favorite things about going to concerts is knowing that, sometimes, I might not know who the opener is and I get to experience someone new. It was cool to see a young female-fronted punk band, Slaughterhouse, open for such renowned genre heavyweights. I also like when punk veterans give up-and-coming bands opportunities to open up the show. I was hanging with Slaughterhouse beforehand at the merch table — such cool guys (and gals).

Slaughterhouse’s sound is reminiscent of old-school 80s hardcore.

Next, it was time to get rowdy with Bad Religion. At this point, the Ventura Theater was a packed — a serious full house. All the lights were off as the members entered the stage; as soon as they started to play, BOOM, the lights came on very bright. You could hear the crowd going crazy as the first chord was strummed. Bad Religion then launched into their old classic hits, such as “American Jesus”, “You”, “Los Angeles Is Burning” and many more. This was my first time shooting photos for them; the way the lights hit each person up onstage made great photo opportunities! Make sure you catch Bad Religion and Slaughterhouse as they tour to a city near you.

Photography by Gunnar Velten

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