Seattle left dazzled by LIGHTS

Baby, she’s back! And, she wasted no time getting the PEP party started. LIGHTS debuted her brand new album just days before her Seattle show on April 4th. The anticipation was so prominent from the concertgoers, as they rushed in early to secure their place up front, eager to get their first glimpses of their beloved Canadian prodigy.

But, first came a killer opening act by none other than eccentric, upbeat and memorable artist tiLLie. Her contagious energy radiated throughout the venue and got the crowd hyped from the get-go, charming us all in the process. In true fashion, Seattle wasn’t missing any opportunity to give a performance right back: working in tandem, tiLLie and the audience bounced around, got loud and set the tone for what a comeback tour should feel like.

The wait for LIGHTS to make her way to the stage left everyone restless.

When the time finally came, she dove right in, kicking the night off with her new hit “Prodigal Daughter”. The whole venue went insane: it was a long-awaited reunion and without missing a beat, the crowd started belting out the lyrics right along with her. It was an incredible moment of unity; being deprived of that familiar experience with fellow humans for so long brought everyone together and LIGHTS was more than happy to bring us all back in time for some nostalgic feels. It was a perfect mix of old and new, giving her fans the chance to vibe with her classic and current sounds alike.

At one point, LIGHTS made personal connections with the audience, even obliging a song request for a true OG that every fan knows and loves (“Lions”!!), throwing us all the way back to 2009. 
With the release of her highly-anticipated album, PEP, only reiterates just how brilliant this alt-pop visionary truly is. The energy was unmatched as she delivered a powerful performance onstage with songs like “In My Head”, “Beside Myself” and one of my personal favorites, “Okay Okay”. With themes of self-confidence in the time of personal struggles and ‘pep’-talking yourself through the ups and downs of life, it’s no wonder that the hype only grew as the show went on. In true LIGHTS fashion, every song was distinctly relatable (and so damn catchy). Being able to have those moments with her up close and personal after what felt like a lifetime of tours being on pause made the night special for the entire room. She even made her way to the front of the crowd, reaching for fans decked out in primary colors in the true spirit of PEP, showing their love and support.

After gifting us with another popular throwback, “Giants”, LIGHTS and her crew quickly exited the stage. But, Seattle wasn’t having it. The venue erupted in deafening roars and cheers — all in unison — begging for an encore. When she returned, with her signature smile on her face, she started right back up with “Grip”. It was an ethereal moment in time and unlike anything I’ve witnessed as she and the crowd sang their hearts out together, reveling in the synth and losing themselves in the beat. She finished the night off with “Salt and Vinegar”, giving us an upbeat and transformative farewell. Though it was just the beginning of her tour, she delivered an unforgettable show and we all left united, bonded forever in mutual revelations that LIGHTS inevitably always provides.  

Photography by Kaitlyn Golphenee

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