BeachLife Festival 2022: Day One

BeachLife Festival is in 2022’s rearview mirror. Regardless, the buzz surrounding its success is still heard regularly. The highly-anticipated convergence of music, art and community where the Pacific Ocean meets the Redondo Beach shoreline kicked off Day One with the return of Jim Lindberg of Pennywise — a BeachLife staple performer. Day One festival-goers were presented with a variety of artists, including some newcomers Dreamers, Hoist the Colors and Milky Chance (all the way from Germany!).

More well-known artists were invited back from previous years, such as Long Beach Dub Allstars (who surprised audience members by inviting Jakob Nowell — son of the late Bradley Nowell –onstage to perform “Same in the End” by Sublime, while Miguel Happoldt — co-founder of Skunk Records — shredded the tune on Bradley’s refurbished original guitar). Additional returning performers on Day One included The Aggrolites and an acoustic performance by Tomorrows Bad Seeds, featuring a guest appearance from Dan Kelly, who can be found on their new single, “iBurn”.

As the day turned into night, headlining acts took the stages.

With no performance overlap, the crowd shifted from the sandy Lowtide Stage, featuring 311, to the grassy Hightide Stage, where Weezer graced us with a catalog of music spanning 30+ years — including a cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. Sunkissed music lovers had the option to keep the party going at one of the many local establishments hosting after parties or end the night in order to rejuvenate the energy necessary for another two days of dancing. Day One of BeachLife assured attendees that they were in for a weekend they’d never forget! Standby for Day Two and Three galleries, coming soon.

Photography by Jenna Shaw

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