ZZ Top rocks Paso Robles, California

On May 29th, I had the opportunity to witness one of the best rock-and-roll bands to ever come out of the 70s at one of my favorite venues — the Vina Robles Amphitheater in Paso Robles, California. As a kid growing up with 70s rock-and-roll due to having older parents, when I saw that ZZ Top was coming to town, I had to jump on the opportunity to see them.

I remember my dad telling me he saw them back in 1977. 

The band sounded and looked just as good as they did back in the day although this was one of the first performances since the passing of their bassist Dusty Hill back in 2021. Luckily, their longtime guitar tech Elwood Francis filled in and did a great job.

At the end of the night, when they busted out their hit single “Sharp Dressed Man” (the song everyone was patiently waiting to hear), the crowd went wild with woos and cheers. Never give up the opportunity to witness some of the most legendary musical acts, because you never know when or if they will retire. So, if ZZ Top happens to come to a city near you, make sure you take the time to purchase tickets and see this one-of-a-kind legendary rock-and-roll act.

Photography by Gunnar Velten

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