Billy Bio at Brick By Brick San Diego

Billy Graziadei, founder of Biohazard and Powerflo, set out on his own in 2018 as Billy Bio. Billy came out the night of August 2nd at San Diego’s Brick By Brick venue with a headset mic. Wait, what? A little Bierber-ish for punk rock? Nah, It’s brilliant! Billy Bio was free to move about the venue interacting with all the fans on and off the stage, also in the pit.

This was an amazing lineup of players bringing off-the-chain energy…

Ra Diaz, bassist for Suicidal Tendencies, just kills it on stage with his energy. Even on very little sleep in 48 hours from running around SoCal gigs and rehearsals, Ra Diaz brought his A-game, as always, with his infectious energy. It’s hard to take your eyes off Ra and his moves, until you notice Dan Palmer (from Death By Stereo and Zebrahead) was not onstage anymore… he was in the mosh pit, leading the circle while still jamming on his guitar! 

Fred Aching (of Billy Bio, Powerflo and A Hero Within) smashed it on drums. This was an amazing lineup of players bringing off-the-chain energy, playing songs off Billy Bio’s debut album Feed the Fire, like “Stfu” and “Freedom’s Never Free”, while incorporating a few Biohazard songs.

Photography by Heather Vandemark

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