Boogie T & friends shake St. Louis with bassy dubstep

The Factory was a packed house on a Saturday night in St. Louis, as fans gathered to enjoy a dubstep-filled night courtesy of Boogie T and friends. All four of the deejays from the show are signed to Insomniac Records and brought their own unique take on EDM to the stage.

The show started with a much needed emergency broadcast via Chef Boyarbeatz, who immediately had the venue shaking with bass music, after a PSA to the crowd informing them of the craziness yet to come that night.

Following the Chef was VEIL, a DJ who brought the party up another level.

Her sound is a self-described “spicy chaos”, which is exactly what she brought to The Factory that night. Combining multiple genres of bass music, her set was an assault of sound that had the entire crowd rocking to the beat.

Third up was one half of the New Zealand dubstep duo known as Truth. Although they were only at 50% capacity, they still delivered a fully powered set — delivering the wubs the crowd was eagerly yearning for.

Finally, the legend himself — Boogie T.

The bass music extraordinaire from Louisiana holds a special place in my heart for personal reasons. The second concert I ever got legitimately approved for was a Boogie T and Squinto show in a tiny room called the Aquarium in Fargo, North Dakota back in 2018. It’s been six years since that event, which pretty much symbolizes the beginning of my career covering concerts, making this night feel like a ‘full-circle moment’.

Brock’s show has come a long way since then — both sonically and visually. He has really found his own with his music. What used to be an all-out assault of bass on the senses has now taken on a much more upbeat tonality, featuring what sometimes feels like reggae or west coast influences layered in among riddim and dubstep. Don’t get me wrong, though, the bass is still heavy…. So heavy you can feel it in your chest and in your mouth, rattling your teeth. The visuals of the show are made up of very adorable cartoon dinosaurs, fish, skulls, and more with a very vibrant feel to it now, surely blowing the surely altered minds of concert-goers.

All in all, the show was great and a gathering of the STL wooks is always something to look forward to. Insomniac has signed some very talented deejays over the years and this tour offers just a slice of the depth their roster. Be sure to catch the 140 Warriors Tour for your regular dosage of bass music as it continues across the US this Spring!

Photography by Sean Rider

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