Bright Eyes illuminates Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre

A cool breeze blew through The Greek Theatre, reminding concert-goers that summer had just begun just a few days ago. Cate Le Bon took the stage as fans trickled in. Her unconventional stage presence was noted immediately as conversations swarmed around her chain metal renaissance outfit, complete with purposefully smudged makeup worn by all band members. However, it was the eclectic sound of their music that kept everyone enthralled. Hailing from Wales, Cate Le Bon has successfully avoided being pigeonholed by the music industry through her arbitrary use of instruments and unique sounding ballad-type riffs.

The soothing performance set a calming mood as guests awaited the introduction of Bright Eyes.

Bright Eyes’ eight-year-long hiatus was to end at the onset of the COVID pandemic, ensuring that fans would have to wait even longer before seeing their return to the stage. Despite difficulties that go along with reestablishing a band amid a global pandemic, Bright Eyes released new music for the first time in nine years. And, with two years to learn the new music, concert-goers didn’t miss a beat singing along to old and new songs. Conor Oberst, singer-songwriter and guitarist, cracked jokes in between songs and danced flawlessly during numbers, reminding everyone how strong of a performer he truly is. Bright Eyes were joined onstage by a chamber orchestra, taking full advantage of the world famous acoustics of The Greek Theater.

The band will be busy in the upcoming months as they take their tour overseas and reissue their first nine studio albums, including the addition of a six-track companion EP, respectively. Catch them if you can; they have partnered with Plus1, ensuring that $1.00 from every ticket sold is donated to The Downtown’s Women Shelter in Los Angeles.

Photography by Jenna Shaw

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