Starset packs the Packard Music Hall in Warren, Ohio

Starset absolutely annihilated hard rock fans in Warren, Ohio at the Packard Music Hall on July 8th, 2022. What was even more of a ride was openers Divide The Fall, Oni and RED — all of whom got the house moshing. It was then time for the main men (and cloaked women). Starset came out to the song “Carnivore” and ended on fan-favorite “My Demons”.

If you have yet to see it for yourself, Starset has a different and a unique show — completely futuristic.

Starset revealed onstage that they are in the midst of their first headlining tour and you could really tell, since it was a packed house with an overly energetic crowd. Not only that, but Starset just got off a big tour with Breaking Benjamin and Seether, two bands that helped craft the band’s aesthetic now as a headlining act.

Photography by Brandon Soto

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