Bring Me The Horizon gets spooky in Minneapolis

Fans packed into The Armory in Minneapolis to watch Bring Me The Horizon, one of the biggest bands in heavy music right now, play a headlining show on October 12th, 2022. 

If there is one thing that is always true about Bring Me The Horizon, it’s that they bring an insane lineup of openers on all of their headlining tours; they stay true to their genre-bending legacy by ensuring that every single band on the bill hits on an element of their own music and this show was no different. Siiickbrain touched on the alternative elements, Grandson touched on the electronic elements and Knocked Loose on their heavy roots.

None of the bands quite fit together, but they all respectively fit with Bring Me The Horizon. 

The curated lineup is just one piece of the thoughtfulness Bring Me The Horizon put into the night. The band was touring off their latest EP, Post Human: Survival Horror, and there was a certain air of eeriness as themes of horror were present throughout the entire night. In between sets, projections of horror film trailers appeared on the monitor above the stage.

Opening the show was Siiickbrain, an alternative artist with a goth aesthetic. Not many people in the crowd appeared to be familiar with the artist, as not many people were singing along, but it didn’t take long for Siiickbrain to win them over. By the end of their set, fans enthusiastically danced and waved their arms along.

Grandson played a powerful, politically-driven set that highlighted the horrors of the world we are currently living in. This felt especially true during “6:00” and “Stick Up” — two songs that focus heavily on gun control and police brutality in America. Before starting “Stick Up”, Grandson had dedicated the song to George Floyd, a man murdered by the police in the streets of Minneapolis that initiated a state of civil unrest in America in the summer of 2020. Members of the crowd put their fists up in the air in solidarity with the man that had lived and died among them.

Knocked Loose carried on the horror theme, with a light show that was heavily backlit, creating silhouettes out of the members. Additionally, they played several songs off their latest release, A Tear In The Fabric of Life — a concept EP, inspired by horror films. To round out the cinematic nature of their set, Knocked Loose ended their set with “Permanent”, the final song on the EP. The last line of vocals screamed out was “when I saw the ghost was you, all the lights went out” and all the lights were cut and the band walked offstage.

Bring Me The Horizon closed out the night, with a set that was unlike anything else.

Their attention to detail in their live shows is unmatched, with production that correlated with their most recent EP perfectly. From the beginning, a digital voice came on to announce the band and lay out the “rules of the show”, which included drinking and smoking whatever was currently in the hands of the crowd members and looking after each other in the pit. The digital voice popped up continuously throughout the show, hyping the crowd up and calling for moshpits.

Everything about this show felt as if fans stepped into a movie theater or play production, rather than a rock concert. To attempt to write out the details of the night will never be enough to do it justice; Bring Me The Horizon is something you need to attend and experience yourself. It was well worth the effort!

Photography by Jayme Bigger

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