Big Wild makes Los Angeles feel alive

Big Wild brought his Efferusphere Tour to the beautiful Shrine Theater in Los Angeles, California for a night of BIGs (featuring Biig Piig) and, boy, was it a treat! This EDM singer-songwriter-producer (born Jackson Stell) has been gaining lots of traction since his debut full-length album, Superdream. In his highly anticipated follow-up, The Efferusphere, the delivery blew away his fanbase, making this tour even more highly anticipated. I had a feeling that this was going to be one of my top concerts to see, but after being introduced to Biig Piig and hearing her first song, I was positive.

London-based singer/rapper Jessica Smyth (more commonly known as Biig Piig) started the show off right and grabbed the audience’s attention from her very first song, “Roses and Gold”. Even though the music was fun, adventurous and even straight-up exciting at times (shoutout to that drummer!), it contrasted so perfectly with the angst of today’s world that Smyth expertly themed in the words of her songs. Everyone at that show immediately became Biig Piig fans.

Smyth’s response to the audience’s adoration was so humble and sweet to witness.

After so much anticipation, the lights dimmed and guitarist Tracy Lambertucci quietly entered the stage and sat in front of us as she played a beautiful opening riff on an acoustic guitar. Soon, the lights went dark again and to our surprise, Big Wild himself appeared front and center, belting the opening harmonies to his most popular song to date “Awaken (Feel Alive)”. This is one of Stell’s most vocally stunning songs and he nailed it perfectly. The way the audience exploded along with the song was a beautiful moment that was shared between everybody in that venue. The vibe kept rolling as Jackson greeted the audience and continued on with “Purple Sand (My Home)” and “City of Sound” — all the biggest hits from his debut album Superdream. As Big Wild continued into the greatest tracks of his new album, The Efferusphere, I couldn’t help but notice how amazing the production of the show was: the lighting performance along with the band, the LED-backing screen. The crowd was instantly transported to ‘The Efferusphere’ — away from the busy, murky, streets of LA.

Thank you, Big Wild, it was truly an unforgettable evening!

Big Wild will be continuing The Efferusphere Tour in the US this fall and will be performing at some festivals coming up, as well! Don’t miss this beautiful show!

Photography by Franny Kovacs

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