Candlebox at Ramona Mainstage

For Candlebox fans, the candle still burns bright. There may have been a lot of warm bodies packed into the Mainstage in Ramona, California, but Candlebox fans remained chill. They even let you squeeze in for a minute to get your hand in there for a high five from Kevin Martin. Grab a cold 32-ounce beer and enjoy the show!  Ramona Mainstage, although a bit of a trek from San Diego, is one of my favorite venues. From the staff to the bartenders, the lighting and the intimacy of the venue, it’s always a great experience. Do the drive, it’s not that far and so worth it!

Kevin Martin sounds exactly the same as he did back in 1994…

Candlebox came out to the excited crowd and started with “Don’t You”, “Change”, and “Blossom”. Kevin Martin sounds exactly the same as he did back in 1994 (the first time I saw them live). Kevin said, “You are going to hear the entire debut album tonight,” as the crowd went crazy! Yes! My dreams had come true. I can die happy now! Candlebox emerged with the Seattle grunge era in 1993 with their self-titled album: the era where each band had their own unique sound and you were never confused about which band it was on the radio.  

Kevin Martin told us a few times, “We’re really exhausted,” as Martin belts out the lyrics to “You”, a fan favorite, so we could all yell “FUCK YOU” as loud as possible, middle fingers in the air. It was so gratifying. If that’s exhausted, I want whatever they are doing, because they did not let up on their energy the entire night. We even got one extra song, “Mother’s Dream”.

We had a chance to chat with guitarist, Island Styles, for a minute after the show. Candlebox just finished up recording their album 7, recording 12 songs in five days. Styles shared his excitement for the new album to come out and a much needed 10-hour sleep. Candlebox will be on tour until November, so make sure to catch them when they come to town!

Photography by Heather Vandemark

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