Celebrating 4/20 at Florida Groves Fest 2022

It was a huge 420 party in Orlando on April 16th at Florida Groves Fest, with tons of amazing vendors, artist and bands coming together for an awesome event. If you are a cannabis activist, supporter, consumer or just interested to learn more about this amazing plant, this is an event you need to check out if it comes back for 2023.

As soon as you walked up, you were welcomed with the warm Florida sun, smiling faces, happy employees/volunteers, artists painting beautiful pieces all over the venue, some of the best reggae music and the sweet aromas of the cannabis plant smoking (and even growing) throughout the venue.

Lance O (of Kulcha Shok) kicked things off as the DJ, starting the irie vibes and announcing the bands.

Honey Hounds was first up, a local band from Jacksonville. Roots of Creation (from New Hampshire) was up next, who always puts on a great show. Then, it was time for the real locals out of Orlando — Kash’d Out. This band rocked out, as always, not letting the intense afternoon heat slow them down nor did the fans. After that awesome set, The Expendables — coming all the way from Santa Cruz, California — continued to rock the venue. Lead singer Geoff Weers wasn’t feeling good to hit the stage, so Brett Willson from Roots of Creation stepped in to help out and did an amazing job! They even added few extra songs to the set and the fans loved it.

To finish the night out, Julian Marley and The Uprising came out jamming some roots reggae and had the entire place dancing. It’s always an amazing experience when any of the Marleys hit the stage and no better way to end a 420 festival. Don’t miss this event next year, it’s only getting bigger and I can’t wait to see what next year brings. 

Photography Zack Kearney & Donna Sciuga; Recap by Brian “Porkchop” Nicholson

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