Celebrating 55 years of funk and soul with Tower of Power in Folsom, CA

Tower of Power is one of the most legendary bands in the history of funk. With their many hits such as “You’re Still a Young Man”, “So Very Hard to Go”, “What Is Hip?”, “Down to the Nightclub”, and “Don’t Change Horses”, it’s no wonder why they continue to tour and sellout audiences everywhere they go.

We recently had the privilege of seeing them perform at Harris Center for the Arts in Folsom, CA and we were blown away by how much energy they still have, even after 55 years! 

Vocalist Mike Jerel was so charismatic and funny – the audience couldn’t help but laugh at his jokes between songs!

Mike’s vocals really connect with the audience and touch your soul.

Not only is he an amazing vocalist, he also plays the keyboard and trumpet – a triple threat, as founding member and tenor sax player Emilio Castillo says.

Tom Politzer’s ability to reach the upper register on the tenor sax is awe-inspiring. He makes his solos seem effortless. Guitar player, Jerry Cortez also had excellent solos with his funky rhythm style and blazing leads. At one point, most of the band left the stage to allow the rhythm section to shine. David Garibaldi graced us with an amazing drum solo, I’m sure all the drummers (including my husband) were taking notes. David currently has a new book available, DG’z Notebook: My Path to the Groove – Ideas from a Beat Collector.

Marc van Wageningen, Tower of Power’s bass player, started playing bass at the age of 16. He became a full-time member of Tower of Power in 2018. Roger Smith is the keyboard player, he really shines as a very important part of TOP’s sound. Trumpet players Adolfo Acosta and “Iron” Mike Bogart, killed it as always.

Overall, it was an amazing night and the band was on fire! If you get a chance, you should definitely catch a show. Tower of Power will have you jumping out of your seat and grooving!

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