Charlotte Sands throws a tantrum in San Diego

You may have heard of Charlotte Sands… she’s opened for emo legends My Chemical Romance, The Maine and YUNGBLUD, and has also collaborated on songs with The Maine, UnderOath and Sleeping with Sirens. If you haven’t, I highly suggest you catch up. Charlotte brought her first headlining tour — Love and Other Lies — to the San Diego House of Blues’ Voodoo Room on Saturday, October 1st, 2022… and, that was only the beginning.

The new queen of pop punk is here and she is ready to take on the world stage!

Before Charlotte Sands, we were blessed to have another female powerhouse, Carobae, rock the Voodoo Stage. Within the first verse of the first song, the audience was completely mesmerized and tuned in. In every pause between the songs, the audience listened tentatively to Carobae’s honest stories behind some of her songs and supported everything she had to say. Every single song was met with love and support. After starting her set by commanding the stage with her vocals, she then picked up a guitar and played her song “I Don’t Miss You”, a simple guitar and vocal song that she played so powerfully. There was literally no other sound in the room. Between the notes was absolute silence, giving the people in the audience chills! Her soft, sweet soul exuded through her honest words in her songs and the emotion in her performance.

Carobae — San Diego loves you!

Up next, was headliner Charlotte Sands who took the stage after a rowdy warmup from her two band members. Charlotte stormed to the microphone and began her opening song with no hesitation.  The energy she entered the stage with was consistent throughout the rest of the night, which was incredible to watch. The audience was captivated with the blue hair flips and stunning, unforgettable vocals. Sands was taken aback multiple times throughout the evening as the crowd sang her words along with her, especially when the audience knew her newest single “Tantrum”. The audience also went absolutely bananas when she played her breakout hit “Dress” (written about that Harry Styles Vogue cover!).

Sands was there for the fans and the fans were there for her.

At one point, she took a moment between songs to let the audience know that this night on the tour in San Diego was, hands down, one of the “best nights of her life”. Whether you came to the show a fan or not, you undoubtedly left as one; there was no doubt about it. The Love and Other Lies Tour (which is also the name of her new EP) continues through the United States this fall and I highly recommend you don’t miss it! This girl is on the rise and this is just the start! 

Photography by Franny Kovacs

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