Circle Jerks riles up San Luis Obispo

On February 22nd, I was fortunate enough to see punk legends Circle Jerks at San Luis Obispo’s Fremont Theater, alongside some other amazing punk rock bands. Punk veterans Negative Approach started off the night, with an aggressive and hardcore punk attitude. The lead singer looked “pissed” as they performed, which is what punk is all about. The way they connected with the crowd was amazing and spoke for itself. Next up was another punk heavyweight, Adolescents. The way they performed onstage was entertaining and really got the crowds going for more!

Finally, it was time for Circle Jerks and I was extremely excited!

Guitarist Greg Hetson had some crazy energy, too, running and jumping all over the stage. It was epic to see the crowd moshing and singing their hearts out to one of the most celebrated punk bands to ever live! Lead singer and frontman Keith Morris is a living legend, so if Circle Jerks come to a city near you, definitely go see them! You never know how much longer they’re going to want to tour for hooligans like me.

Photography by Gunnar Velten

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