Fletcher fills The Fillmore, San Francisco

Monday February 28th, New Jersey singer-songwriter Fletcher brought her sold-out North American tour to The Fillmore in San Francisco, with tour support from G Flip and Amelia Moore. It was a packed show with long lines to get into the venue, but the lines moved quickly after verifying vaccination status with booster or a negative COVID test.

Kicking off the show at 8pm on the dot was Amelia Moore.

With a neon yellow trapper hat, trench coat and bright orange hair, Moore demanded the audience’s attention and had a very upbeat alt-pop sound that was perfect for starting off a show. Amelia Moore currently has two singles on Spotify and announced that this was her very first live show with a debut EP coming out soon!

Next up was an artist I have personally had my eye on since I discovered them at SXSW in 2018 — G Flip from Melbourne, Australia. With a very big following in the land Down Under, G Flip has come to America bringing their animated drum set Jeromo with them. Fresh off a tour on the east coast opening for K. Flay, Georgia Flipo (aka, G Flip) went hard with an energetic and positive set that included an epic drum solo. In addition to drum solos and rotating instruments, G Flip keeps the audience engaged with sing-alongs to their catchy songs, like their new single “GAY 4 ME (feat. Lauren Sanderson)”. 

Finally, for the main event, a black curtain was removed, unveiling an entire stage production of what resembled a city street broken down into little rooms. In each room, there was a member of the band with their instrument. At last, the lights dimmed and the music started… but, where was Fletcher? She was on the top of the stage structure and sang the first song from the roof. I’d never seen anything like it! Fletcher climbed down to greet the sold-out audience and went into her new single “Cherry (feat. Hayley Kiyoko)”. The audience screamed along to every word and in the top balcony, you could see G Flip waving, dancing and singing along.

A staple of any Fletcher show is that she always signs people’s breasts; this time, however, there was a very special moment when an audience member from the crowd was allowed to pass through to the front, who had a sign that said they were having top surgery in four days. Fletcher gave them a very special shout-out and hugged and signed away. All in all, it was a great night of music, with lots of love and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Photography by Katey Schoenberger

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