Collective Soul has Anaheim ‘Vibrating’

Atlanta-based rock band, Collective Soul, has been steadily making music since 1992. That’s 30 years, 11 albums,1,304 shows, – and, man, they still got it!

On January 26th, Collective Soul rocked the Anaheim music scene. Playing to a packed house at the City National Grove of Anaheim, frontman Ed Roland shared his high energy with enthusiastic fans that eagerly sang along to the band’s numerous classic hits; including radio smashes “Shine” and “The World I Know”. 

Collective Soul’s eleventh studio album, Vibrating, was released on August 12, 2022. It peaked at No. 6 on the Top Independent Albums chart. Vibrating sends the band’s artistic spirit into the next stratosphere. All ten songs positively quiver with the boundless energy that has been Collective Soul’s distinct calling card for over three decades.

Vibrating contains 42 minutes of irrefutable sonic evidence of a band wholly uninterested in sitting still.

If you are able to catch them live any time soon, you’ll see for yourself just how lively they get.

Collective Soul has since been sharing this album with concert attendees in which a handful of shows were supported by the American rock band, Switchfoot. However, the January 26th show was all Collective Soul, from start to finish. 

Roland came out in springtime onesie, joking with the crowd that he thought he was “on his way to a tennis match”. The roar of laughter that followed provided evidence that fans were receptive to a night reminiscent of the last 30 years. About 45-minutes into the show, Collective Soul started the introduction to “She Said”, Roland fumbled for a second over a line. He masterfully used this moment to remind everyone that we are all human, a sentiment that brought the crowd to their feet cheering. They restarted the song and freaking killed it! Fan favorite, “December” was up next. Roland, introduced a friend of the band (referred to only as “Trey”) whom Ed met in Nashville. Trey played second lead guitar during “December” and they turned the hit into an Allman Brothers-style jam, and ended up rocking harder than ever! Collective Soul and fans came together and had a blast!

As the show came to a close and people began to filter out of the venue, snippets of conversations could be overheard reiterating “that was incredible!” and “I can’t believe they can still put on a show like that” Do yourself a favor, give Vibrating a solid listen and snag some tickets to an upcoming show because you won’t regret it.

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