Highly Suspect packs House of Blues in Orlando

Highly Suspect delighted a jam-packed House of Blues at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida on February 4, 2023. The place was overflowing from the pit all the way back to the bars in the back and either side. Even the upstairs and balcony seating were full of fans ready to rock out. 

Johnny Stevens, Rich Meyer, Ryan Meyer, Matt Kofos and Mark Schwartz were electrifying all night long, drifting between quiet moods and bombastic outbursts. Johnny Stevens always performs on the edge, giving the crowd the impression that the whole thing could go off the rails at any moment.

“Terrible Johnny” is a master at leading his audience, who he considers part of his dope crew. The give and take between artist and audience was clearly evident. This type of musical magic appeals to children of all ages, including parents and children seen rocking out together.

Highly Suspect is on tour in support of their 4th studio album The Midnight Demon Club. They played several songs from that release, as well as numerous fan favorites from each of their previous efforts. 

The crowd went wild, screaming along to “Lydia”, “My Name Is Human”, and “Canals”. Bassist Rich Meyer took the mood down with an acoustic guitar and lead vocals on “Arizona”. The new songs hit hard as well, including “Natural Born Killer”, “Ice Cold”, “Midnight Demon Club” and “Pink Lullabye”.

The night began with an extended set from Dead Poet Society. This up-and-coming modern rock band put on a banger of a show, which the crowd fully ate up. Jack Underkofler, Jack Collins, Will Goodroad and Dylan Brenner were high energy throughout, faithfully fulfilling their crowd warmup duties.

Visit the band’s webpage here to get your tickets before they sell out, which they already have on several stops.  

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