Daughtry blesses Erie with the gift of rock

The Dearly Beloved Tour made a stop in downtown Erie, Pennsylvania at the historical Warner Theatre. It was a show unlike any other. Pop Evil, a rock band from Michigan, opened up and got the crowd riled by coming out to their new song “Eye of the Storm”. They continued to drive the crowd wild as they played recent hits and tracks that dated back to their first albums — back in the early 2000s.

After Pop Evil, was the man everyone was there to see.

Daughtry took the stage to a song called “Desperations”; fans were immediately impressed by the voice of Chris Daughtry. The American Idol star is very talented and his voice commands the attention of everyone in the venue. Not only was the music awesome, but the lights and production were also amazing. Fans of all ages were blown away by the rock show which unfolded in front of them. The band could definitely rock, but the main attraction was Chris Daughtry’s unique performing style. The energy grew as the band went through new songs from their recent album, Dearly Beloved, and older cuts that fans will remember from the band’s heyday, following their rise to fame after Chris’ showcase on American Idol. Fans sang along to favorites like “No Surprise”, “It’s Not Over” and “Home”.

Midway through the show, Daughtry showed his range by taking a break from rock and performing an acoustic section of the show.

Slowing down the pace proffered a more intimate feel and allowed the rocker to really shine.

After that, it was back to full-throttle: the band returned to the stage and resumed the outpouring of rock that had been on pause during the last few songs. As they closed out the show, the audience cheered and sang along, and once the show was over and the band members filed offstage, the crowd continued to roar. It was almost as if the crowd was trying to let the band know that even though they may have been a household name back in 2006, there are still people who remember and rock with the name Daughtry to date.

Photography by Brandon Soto

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