The Pretty Reckless rocks The Wiltern in LA

On September 9th, 2022, The Pretty Reckless headlined a show at a historic 90-year-old venue called The Wiltern in Los Angeles. They were supported by rocker Ayron Jones.

I was really excited to have the opportunity to shoot at The Wiltern; I’d never seen or shot show here, so it was a cool new experience. The Wiltern and Pellissier Building are connected, and are commonly referred to as The Wiltern Center, which is an Art Deco landmark on the west side of Korea Town in LA. I loved the beautiful, antique feel of the venue, which amplified the already great sound and awesome lighting!

Ayron Jones — a guitarist from Seattle, Washington — hit the stage first.  I hadn’t heard of him before, but really enjoyed the bluesy rock sound of his band. His band did a great job at getting the crowd pumped up and energized and ready for the main event. 

After Ayron rocked the crowd and a brief intermission, it was time for the headliner.

The Pretty Reckless is a rock band from New York, fronted by former actress Taylor Momsen. They hit the stage and everyone erupted with cheers. The band, formed in 2009, has four studio albums (with another on its way in November!) which meant lots of songs to pull from — some dating back over a decade from their first album, Light Me Up. As they played through their hits, it was interesting to see how their sound has evolved over the years. One thing that didn’t change, though, was that their rocking sound kept heads banging till the end of the night, no matter how old the song was! The Pretty Reckless finishes up the U.S. leg of their tour this Fall and then will be playing across Europe toward the end of the year. Catch them while you can!

Photography by Sean McCracken

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