deadmau5 inaugural artist at The Factory, Chesterfield, MO

The first one is always the hardest or, in this case, the loudest. Peaking at an earthquake-inducing 128db, EDM superstar deadmau5 utterly and entirely left his mark on the sold-out grand opening of the new standard of concert venues, The Factory in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Opening the doors was Idaho-based producer Morgin Madison, keeping the vibes going for the crowd as they began to file in. Once most of the crowd was settled and ready, 18-year-old up-and-comer Lamorn took over for the next hour and instantly dropped jaws to the floor. Blending his dance music with his guitar skills, Lamorn left the masses amazed; he surely went home with hundreds of more fans than he came in with. Then came the man himself.

deadmau5 destroyed, as always.

It was nothing short of another outstanding performance for the record books. The mesmerizing visuals on the LED walls surrounding him add the most intense dimensions to his already multiverse-spanning soundscapes. There will be long talks for years to come of the night deadmau5 came and opened up the coolest new venue in town!

Photography by Thomas Semonco

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