Devon Thompson gives LA a night of darkwave magic

When Devon Thompson graced the stage at LA’s The Paramount, it was an instant immersion into her captivating style. Sporting Doc Marten boots adorned with pink ribbons and a white dress that exuded Jennifer’s Body vibes,

Devon’s aesthetic immediately caught the eye and set the tone for a night of dark wave magic.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, with the impending Darker Waves festival on the horizon. What better way to kick off the dark wave vibes than at The Paramount, with Devon Thompson and Treasvre supporting of the iconic Skeletal Family?

Hailing from Los Angeles, Devon received a warm welcome from the goth-esque enthusiasts who demonstrated their adoration for her in the City of Angels. The atmosphere was electric, with fans showing genuine love and appreciation for the artist in their own unique way.

The setlist for the evening featured a blend of new hits, among which “Soft Like Water” and my personal favorite, “Split Ends,” stood out. Devon’s performance was a treat for both longtime fans and those who were experiencing her music for the first time. What truly set her apart was the natural echo in her voice, creating an ethereal quality that left a lasting impression. In particular, the song “Split Ends” showcased her voice as a melody that could be likened to walking on clouds—an experience that resonated deeply with the audience.

Be sure to catch an upcoming show for an experience that will have you fully immersed in Devon Thompson‘s unique blend of dark wave allure and atmospheric vocals, ensuring an unforgettable experience that transcends musical boundaries.

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