Dillon Francis & Ghastly get Sacramento amped AF

I pray for the wicked on the weekend. Time to dance and listen to EDM. Oh, it’s Saturday night! At the Sacramento Rail Yards on Saturday night, Dillon Francis came to party and vibe with his fans. The energy of the night was wild, with over 5,000 fans celebrating like it’s 1999. Sacramento has been waiting for this moment for a few months, ever since it was announced that the deejay would be performing.

It was worth the wait, as Francis threw down an epic performance with amazing music and visuals. 

As the sun went down on the blazing hot day, more and more fans showed up at the venue. By the time the sun was fully set, Ghastly came out and performed an awesome set. Fans went nuts when he walked onstage and started playing his first banger. The big screen behind him changed to different lights and colors, depending on the song. Many fans were jumping up and down and dancing to all of his songs. He played his hits, including “Smoke”, “Bullet”, “Psycho” and “LCD”. After his set was done, fans were still cheering for him. 

Before Dillon Francis performed, concert attendees were lining up to get drinks and use the portable bathrooms. If you were lucky enough to be in the VIP section behind the stage, some of the cocktails were on the house! The VIP experience was unique, including many couches, many water misters and a grass area to lounge around. There were fans dancing without shirts with hula hoops. On the right side of the stage, there were many food trucks that had anything all American, including burgers, hot dogs and BBQ. In front of the stage and behind the huge crowd, there were merchandise tables to take a piece of the concert home.

There were huge lines for merch all night, with fans wanting shirts or LED hats that said “DILLON FRANCiS…..DADDY”.

When Francis finally walked onstage wearing a Sacramento Kings jersey, the crowd roared in excitement, already dancing before he even started playing. The beat dropped and everyone lost their minds. Dancing, moving, arms in the air… the fans were on one! Francis played many of his original classics like “Get Low”, “Say Less” and “When We Were Young”, as well as some of his newer songs, such as his collaboration with Illenium called “Don’t Let Me Let Go”. 

Francis mixed it up by playing a few pranks on the audience, like gathering for a huge drop and making the crowd anticipate a massive bass eruption, only to transition into a slow dance song. It was pretty funny and the fans were still enjoying themselves. He even played an interesting EDM remix of Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”. A couple of times, Francis challenged the crowd to go harder because there was not enough people dancing, according to him. Like Ghastly, the big screen behind him had many different lights and visuals, including aliens and psychedelic patterns. The show ended around 11pm, but the fans wanted more! Francis then thanked Sacramento for having him with a big smile. 

Photography by Arik Ruiz

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