Dirty Heads light up Lincoln, CA with The Elovaters

First things first, if you haven’t been to “The Venue” at Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln, CA, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice! As you walk through the doors, you’re greeted by a friendly staff who are all eager to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Every section has staff ready to answer any questions and get you pointed in the right direction. You literally won’t have to miss a single beat to leave your seat in the front row of this $100,000,000 next-level entertainment venue, as they have attendants ready to serve you! Now that the flowers have been given where they’re due, let’s get into what brought us all to this beautiful venue on April 12th, 2024. 

As lights dimmed, everyone who has ever been to a concert knew what’s coming next… or did they?

Although an “Interlude” is typically reserved for intermission, The Elovaters started with their own version off their Endless Summer album, released back in July of last year and has been keeping us warm throughout the entire winter by dancing to it. The boys got right into one of my personal favorites by playing “Castaway” and didn’t leave out the ladies by jamming “All Her Favorite Songs”. They just so happened to play “Roll Up”, before toasting to the crowd in their signature fashion, rolling right into crowd favorite, “Red Wine”. Before going “M.I.A” on us, they belted out exactly that and closed out with “Margaritas”, to leave everyone in attendance love drunk off their sweet mix of musical genius. These guys are in my top three artist category and come highly recommended for anyone looking to add to their playlist! Go check them out — you won’t be disappointed!

After a brief ‘actual’ intermission, it’s back to the show with Dirty Heads, who put on just that! Dirty J and Duddy B can take over the atmosphere in a way most artists can’t, with remaining bandmates to back them… it’s almost like a cheat code. They opened up with “Heavy Water”, then nearly tore down this beautiful venue with the high-energy track “Medusa”. After playing a few of their super hit songs, “That’s All I Need” and “Vacation”, we all got a huge surprise when Jackson Wetherbee of The Elovaters joined back onstage to play “Constellation” for the very first time to a live audience! While they started playing, “Mad At It”, nobody was actually mad at anything, with lights captivating the focus of many concert-goers. Even though The Venue is nearly soundproof, I still felt as though the neighboring casino could hear us screaming the lyric to “Sloth’s Revenge”, bringing the pirate theme full-circle to close out with the fun, storytelling track of a deserted tropical island — none other than “Island Glow”. 

In closing, there’s something to be had for everyone at this location. Whether you’re coming for music, gambling, food, or just to hang out with your crew, most will walk out of The Venue at Thunder Valley feeling as though they had hit the jackpot! 

Photography by Brandon Pettit

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