Intervals rocks Detroit with instrumental metal madness

A unique night, for sure, happened at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. Different bands who had a similar sound, yet all sounded so different came together on April 12th, 2024.

There was something for everyone to enjoy with this lineup.

Makari and Body Thief started the night, warming up the crowd. Makari brought the alternative vibes and Body Thief with their techno rock vibes. 

If you listened to Sleeping With Sirens circa the 2010s, I can almost guarantee you will love Hail the Sun. I was surprised they have been around 12 years and it was their first time playing on the top floor of St. Andrews Hall. So many people sang their hearts out to their lyrics and showed up to see these guys. They brought the energy when guitarist Shane Gann started crowd-surfing while playing and singer Donovan Melero started throwing the mic stand everywhere. They brought the talent when Donovan took over the drums and sang one of their songs. 

A friend told me this once: “Djent is nerd metal.” That was the best way to describe Toronto native band Intervals. This band has the feel of Silverstein — without the vocals. Even completely instrumental, though, Intervals still shines their talent through. Their music is complex technically, but done purposefully. Guitarist Aaron Marshall showed off his skill when playing his headless guitar and seven-string guitar. Bassist Jacob Umansky caught my attention immediately with the amount of energy he put into the set. I thought he looked so cool onstage! Noticing that he was playing a six-string, fanned fret bass made him even cooler. It’s these little details that made me think, “Wow, these guys are literal nerds in the best way possible.”

They don’t make music for show; they make music because they love playing.

All the guys still were able to get the crowd hyped up and jumping without having to say a word. I heard people saying how they wished they could play music that well. Intervals delivered more than what I expected and I hope I can see them play again soon.

Photography by Kayla N. Rising

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