Escape The Fate at Sacramento’s Ace of Spades

March 2rd was another beautiful night in Sacramento, CA. It was a dry and cold night, but Ace of Spades was ready to rock out to the sold out show! Let’s recap this one.

Headliner Falling In Reverse hit the road in celebration of their debut album, The Drug In Me Is You, along with special guests Escape The Fate and The World Alive. There were many people lined up to enter the venue at 7pm and, soon after, The World Alive came on and did their thing. Getting the crowd involved, the opening act did not disappoint! The Word Alive launched the evening into high gear right away, with Dark Matter track “Trapped” embedded in their 30-minute set. Despite a brief time onstage, the band showcased they are here to stay with energetic songs, including “Building your world Down” and “Monomania” — a two-song introduction to their new album, Monomania.

Next, Escape the Fate came on and and jammed out like they always do. This band exploded onto the stage to lively cheers and roars from the sold-out crowd, opening with their anthemic single, “Gorgeous Nightmare”. The tone was set for the rest of their incredible 11-song performance. Powering through fan-favorite songs, like “Ashley”, “Live Fast, Die Beautiful” and “10 Miles Wide”, they ended their set with “One For The Money”… which the crowd erupted into one big mosh pit for. It is always so much fun to watch Escape the Fate perform their hearts out!

The show was excellent — an impressive performance from all of the bands!

Falling In Reverse kicked off their set with “The Westerner”, the last track on their debut album, which the band performed in reverse! It was unique, because bands usually start from the beginning of their album. Towards the end of the show, there was an encore, followed by their new singles “Popular Monster”, “Drugs” and closing it out with 2015 fan-favorite track “Just Like You”. Their setlist was diverse, because they debuted their album with their new singles and many other tracks. Frontman Ronnie Radke’s vocals were amazing, as always. The amount of energy during Falling In Reverse’s set was truly amazing! The crowd surfers didn’t stop all night long and even Radke commented saying, “Ya’ll are crazy! I can’t believe this!!” throughout the show. It was a very animated crowd who really showcased their love for the band.

It was also cool to watch the crowd roar the lyrics to encore songs (their new singles “Popular Monster” and “Drugs”) louder than any other songs performed that night. A highlight of Falling In Reverse’s would definitely include when Escape The Fate frontman Craig Mabbitt surprised fans onstage during the ‘“F*** Craig” verse of “Tragic Magic” to sing the verse that Radke wrote dissing Mabbitt, making a joke of the situation, which fans adored before Mabbitt jumped in the crowd to crowd surf. Both Mabbitt and Radke showcased their maturity and talent throughout the evening with impressive vocals and energy-filled stage presences.

To summarize this sold-out show, many fans were grateful that they went, as the show was a constant flow of crowd surfers, high-energy highs and fans singing to their favorite songs. The show was excellent — an impressive performance from all of the bands! It was another successful night in Sacramento, CA. We can’t wait for these bands to return.

Photography by Arik Ruiz

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