Experiencing Imagine Festival 2019

As the early fall California sun shone down on the peaceful rolling fields of Agoura Hills, the 2019 Imagine Yoga & Music Festival was host to yogis, artists, musicians, healers and influential community and cultural leaders as they gathered to support the 501(c)3 nonprofit, Unlikely Heroes. In determination of saving children from sex trafficking, Unlikely Heroes created a day of family-friendly activities for all to enjoy.

The relaxing day started off with inspirational meditations and refreshing, soothing yoga sessions, with the musical sounds of Govindas & Radha floating through the air. There was also a wide-ranging panel of captivating professionals, discussing “Heal Yourself, Heal the World”, while the captivating Dharma Love led an amazingly healing guided meditation session, assisting one to get in touch with their inner child. Transcendental reiki sound bath sessions were available, as well as massage, aromatherapy, channeling and hypnotism. It was a family fun-filled day, also including a “Children’s Camp”, where youngsters were able to explore their spiritual side and develop self-empowerment skills to become part of a positive change in the world.

It was truly a day of soul searching, empowerment and self-love.

The phenomenal sounds of Maya Jupiter, the highly-talented Dustin Thomas and the artistic performance of The Resistance Revival Chorus engulfed people as they wandered through the Vendor Village and partook the tasty organic and vegan-friendly food and beverage options in The Watering Hole. Robot Nature and Player WON entertained guests, while quaint picnic spots were available where one could snack and learn a few crazy Acro yoga moves. Next to entertain the masses was the beautiful pair of Amber Lily and the amazingly talented Tubby Love. Fans danced and sang along to the beautiful sounds of Lily’s voice, coupled with Tubby’s gifted acoustic guitar skills and harmonious voice, as the astonishing Acro Yoga talents of Modern Tarzan and Sprouts stunned the crowd.

Fans and fellow musicians, Dustin Thomas, Amber Lily and Tubby Love gathered side stage to dance and sing along as the sherbet-colored sun faded behind the hills for the final yoga session, accompanied by the sweet acoustic sounds of Drew McManus from Satsang. Returning to perform at the Imagine Festival, McManus played a host of fan favorites, surprising eager fans by inviting Tubby Love onstage for a rare performance of “Be Love”. McManus mingled with fans afterwards, sharing his good vibes.

Photography by Jenni Lynne

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