Judah & the Lion at San Diego’s Observatory North Park

It was a night of alt rock magic on October 17th, with San Diego’s Observatory North Park packed to the brim for openers Flora Cash to be followed by the ever so popular Judah & the Lion. With lights low and a minimal stage plot, Flora Cash came out to entertain the early guests — the two lead singers matching in platinum hair. Being a Swedish-American band, frontwoman Shpresa Lleshaj struggled communicating a few English sentences to the crowd, only rendering her all the more adorable. Shpresa’s style was impeccable, rocking a hip hop vibe with giant gold chain, an oversized sweatshirt and sunglasses. Alongside frontman Cole Randall, the two were mesmerizing, vibing off each other almost as if enthralled in a deep love affair. Maybe they are. I don’t know their personal business…

Laser light beams stretched across the stage, as the band went into several songs off their latest album ‘Pep Talks’…

After a brief intermission, lights went out to reveal a giant white sheet draping the stage. Floor lights illuminated shadows of players behind it, strumming instruments to the building tempo. As the curtain fell, overtly drawing an analogy that Judah & the Lion are letting the audience ‘glimpse behind the curtain’ to their inner selves, frontman Judah Akers started jumping around like a madman to the opening track. Laser light beams stretched across the stage, as the band went into several songs off their latest album Pep Talks — the title track being song number one for the night. “Over my head” was thrown into the opening rundown, as well.

As photographers were ushered out of the photo pit, Judah & the Lion blasted smoke pillars into the air before inviting concert attendees to drop their guard and dance in the most bizarre fashion they could. The crowd then got divided in two, to dance off and to out-sing the other. A smashing time was had by all. With so many diverse singles, Judah & the Lion entertained everyone until the very end. Until next time, catch the boys in a city near you if you want to laugh as much as you dance.

Photography by Kristy Rose

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